Edelstar is an active company in the medical consulting sector, risk analysis, professional courses, and in providing  medical personnel for different missions.

Providing medical services for your needs

We must give our patients the very best care we can. Not with obsolete equipment, incomplete procedures, and not with yesterday's knowledge.

[ Medical Personnel ]


We have different personnel for your needs. Different levels (nurse, paramedic, physician) are available to perform your tasks.

[ Medical consulting ]


We offer consulting in the medical field, for non-professional and professional entities.

[ Courses ]


We are your partner when it comes to training. International certifications or custom made courses are available.

[ Partnership ]


We are working with partners worldwide. If we can't provide a service, we will find a solution for you.

Pursuing excellence is our goal, that's why we require experience and training for our personnel. To be able to give you, as a client, the best service available.