Founded & Managed by medical professionals

[ Years of combined experience ]


After several years working in different places and countries, we wanted to bring our knowledge and experience together, by offering the opportunity to provide consulting, training, and physical missions to the people who need it.


 About Us_ 

Edelstar is a company based on the same values we have in our line our duty. We do this for our patients, and to make people better at what they do. We want to bring knowledge and professionalism in the field, and answer the actual needs of our partners. We are dedicated to provide the best training available for our clients, whether they are a non-medical company employee, or the already experienced lifesaver. 

We can provide consulting for your business, evaluating the type of medical need or training, based on the risks analysis. We can connect you with people who can provide specific products and supplies to implement your safety, at home or while traveling. We can also provide medical professionals with specific knowledge or training to fulfill missions aboard, whether it's accompanying people during a business trip or vacation, or to run medical evacuation in partnership with other medical assistance companies.  We also run special projects on demand with remote or non-permissive environment specialists.