Edelstar has one objective : providing the perfect people for a task. We are currently working with experienced nurses, paramedics and physicians, who are ready to go on a mission for you. In partnership with medical insurance companies and logistic providers, we can dispatch a trained professional when required. 

[ Medical evacuation / Replacements / Remote medicine / Medical escort / Special Projects ]


 Our Services_ 

Medical consulting


As professionals we are ready to discuss with you your potential needs in your work environment. We can assist you with choosing the right training for your people, and the right gear to be successful in saving lives, because failure is not an option. We can run risk assessment and then find solutions in partnership with you. 

[ Professional advising / custom training / risk assessment / product testing ]


Courses and training


Whether you need a refresh, an official course, or a custom training, Edelstar can provide our clients with personalized options. We have certified instructors who can teach a wide range of courses, from basic life support, to advanced techniques, as well from home and work emergencies to hostile environment and remote locations. Your needs dictate our training.  

[ BLS-ALS courses / Home and Work emergencies / Non-permissive environment medicine ]